Monday, May 4: Workshopping Final Projects

Via Diagram Journal

Please submit an editable draft of your final project via this Google Drive folder (or, if that’s not possible, via email) on Monday, May 4, by 4pm. Be sure to copy both Greta and Shannon! Your draft can be incomplete, but we still need to get a sense of what direction you’re going, so we can provide guidance for your project’s final stage of development. We’ll respond with comments by Wednesday, May 6, and you can then use those comments to revise and resubmit your final draft on Monday, May 11, before class at 4pm.

Rather than meeting as a group today, we’re happy to meet with you individually, if you like, to discuss your final projects. Sign up for your optional meeting here.

And if you haven’t already shared your preferences regarding the format for our final class, please visit the #may-11-final-class channel on our class Slack and tell us what you’d like!

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