Monday, May 11: Final Share-Out

DuPont Chart Room, via Hagley Museum

Your final projects are due before class today, at 4pm. Please share them with Greta and Shannon via Google Drive or email.

Potential Attendees: Erica Kermani, Ever Bussey, Rory Solomon, Joshua Breitbart, Bruce Lincoln, etc.

Please join us on Zoom at 4pm (click the link, or dial in at +16465588656,,390726262)!

Rather than hosting guests, we’ll share our work with one another. Today is meant to be more celebratory than evaluative! Please feel free to bring drinks and snacks.

We’ll ask each of you to speak informally about your project for about five minutes. To avoid the hassle of sharing multiple screens, we’ll all create one big, collaborative Google Slide deck. You’re welcome to format your slides however you wish, provided that your formatting choices don’t impact your classmates’ slides.

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