Monday, April 6: Anthropology of Networks, Part II: Community Engagement and Hands-On Learning – Field Trip to The Point

The Point

Here’s our agenda <click the link!> for today’s class meeting; it includes a schedule and all the links we’ll need to coordinate our online collaboration.

Today’s Hosts: Yamil Lora, Free Hunts Point WiFi Network Manager, and Danny Peralta, Executive Director, The POINT CDC

This virtual field trip will introduce us to a neighborhood community organization in the South Bronx that has been building resiliency and community through the arts for 25 years — and four years ago, started training Digital Stewards to build local WiFi. Now The POINT has a green roof with antennas beaming WiFi out to the community, and they’re using their network to prepare the neighborhood — an environmental justice community — for future storms like Sandy as well as to monitor air quality.

To prepare for class:


  • Remember: your final project proposals are due by end-of-day on Wednesday! And if you haven’t done so already, please sign up here for a time to meet virtually with Shannon and Greta on April 13 or 14 to discuss your final project!
  • Please watch this short video about Slack threads [here’s more info about threads, FWIW].

Preparing for Today’s Discussion and Virtual Field Trip:

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