betaNYC School of Data conference Saturday 3/7

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NYC School of data is a community driven conference with a focus on open data, civic technology, and service design.

For the last 10 years, we have organized an annual community conference. Sometimes it was an unconference. Other times, it was a community hackathon. Through the years, we have held space for NYC’s technology + government + civics to intersect.

At NYC School of Data, we see data is the cornerstone of the digital century. We cannot talk about society, government, nor technology without discussing the ramifications of how data is used to manage, maintain, surveil, or legislate.

Through NYC School of Data, we empower attendants to improve their lives and neighborhoods through workshops, panels, demos, and networking.

NYC School of Data is organized by BetaNYC and features programming support from New York City Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, NYC’s open data team, and open data coordinators. Our conference anchors the City’s open data week, which we advocated for and actively support.

Equality and community equity are two core components of building a vibrant civic hacker / civic technology community. By attending the NYC School of Data event, you are committing yourself to BetaNYC’s Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy.

Bodies of Resonance: Envisioning 5G Network Formation @ A/D/O, March 3!

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A discussion on the geopolitics and geophysics of 5G infrastructure. Part of the A/D/O Design & Research Program: At The Border.

From New York to Shenzhen, “5G” is advertised as the latest and greatest wireless technology. An all-encompassing, ultra-fast network that promises to revolutionize productivity, bring multi-billion-dollar economic growth, and enhance connectivity more than ever before.

But for now, we find ourselves stuck between the anticipation and absence of the ‘5G revolution’. In this transitional space, an international tech-race has commenced between world’s superpowers, creating geo-political tension over the installation of infrastructure and standards needed for this hyper-connectivity. With each country forging their own path, will this infrastructure reinforce existing borders and ideologies, or redefine them through new forms of connectivity? 

At The Border: Cycle 2 research team Guillemette Legrand (Legrand Jäger) and Vincent Thornhill lead a discussion on the current state of 5G; what it means for the future of wireless technology, national security, culture and geopolitics; and how through creating new visual narratives around this technology, we can move beyond the commercial and economic perspectives; helping us consider networks from the scale of the body, the planet, and the cosmos.